Studio Guastalla @ Miart 2021

Sept 17-19 2021



Viale Scarampo (angolo via Colleoni) gate 4

20149 Milano




Studio Guastalla presents works by artists who, between the 1960s and 1970s, reflected on the linguistic and intellectual nature of the artistic process, on the tautological dimension of art, on the visual value of the text and on the relationship between art and philosophy.

Works that introduce the written word into the space of the painting, making evident the mechanisms of perception, language, intelligence and play, transforming the writing and the project into an artwork. Erudite reflections on the codes of seeing, on the theme of art as duplication and fragmentation, on the depersonalisation of the contemporary artist’s work.

A reflection on the constituent elements of pictorial language, on the reduction of reality to elementary structures, to immateriality, to emptiness, on painting as a purely physical exemplification of the language of the artist, in which the serial flow of signs reveals the temporal dimension of his actions.


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