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BARCELLONA DI SICILIA (ME) 1937 Emilio Isgrò (born in Barcellona, Sicily, 1937) is considered, along with Lucio Fontana and Piero Manzoni, to be one of the great trailblazers in Italian artistic language after the Second World War 1956 Isgrò moved to Milan, where he still lives and works Right from the start his artistic work has run parallel to his activities as writer, poet, playwright, director, performer and journalist His first collection of poetry Fiere del Sud [Fairs of the South] (published by Arturo Schwarz) was issued 1964 He executed his first “erasures/deletions” on encyclopedias and other books, thus giving dramatic birth to the visual poetry and conceptual art that he would subsequently develop and fine-tune 1965 As part of the Gruppo 70 Festival he took part in the exhibition Poesie e no [Poems and not]

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