MILANO 1930 – MILANO 2004

Eduarda Emilia Maino was born on October 2, 1935 in Milan A self-taught painter Dada (diminutive for Eduarda) took up art after completing a medical degree In 1957 she met Piero Manzoni who became a life-long friend The following year she adhered to the Milanese avant-garde and created her first substantial body of work, the Volumi, punctured canvases which bear a strong resemblance to Fontana’s Buchi This same year Dada had her first solo show at the Galleria dei Bossi in Milan
In 1959 she joined the Milan-based experimental group Azimuth (founded by Bonalumi, Castellani and Manzoni) which had connections with Group Zero in Germany, Group Nul in the Netherlands, and Group Motus in France

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