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Bruno Ceccobelli
was born in Montecastello di Vibio, a small village in Umbria, but his family soon moves to Todi After completing part of his school career, he moves to Rome, where he attends the Academy of Fine Arts under Toti Scialoja’s guidance, from whom he learns the theory and practice of abstraction His art, which in some ways can be considered an inheritance from the Italian artist Alberto Burri, also from Umbria, and sharing some of Arte Povera characters, is part of a more general return to painting typical of his artistic generation However, through the study of theosophy, alchemy and oriental philosophies, Bruno Ceccobelli comes to a spiritual and sacral symbolism, that differentiates him from the currents mentioned above In the early ’80s, along with other artists, he settles in the former Pastificio Cerere, a large abandoned industrial space located in the San Lorenzo quarter (Rome) The group, known as New Roman School or San Lorenzo Workshop, includes also Piero Pizzo Cannella, Marco Tirelli, Giuseppe Gallo, Gianni Dessì, Nunzio Di Stefano and Domenico Bianchi


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