Baj Enrico





MILANO 1924 – VERGIATE (VA) 2003

Enrico Baj was born on 31 October 1924 in Milan After graduating from Classical High School, he enrolled in the Faculty of Medicine, which he abandoned after the Second World War to study law and, at the same time, attend the Brera Academy of Fine Arts 

In 1951, he promoted the Arte Nucleare [Nuclear Art] Movement, together with Sergio Dangelo and Gianni Dova; in 1953, he met Asger Jorn with whom he founded the International Movement for an Imaginist Bauhaus, taking a stand against the forced rationalisation and geometricisation of art and organising, the following year, the International Meetings of Ceramics in Albisola

His works are characterised by the use of collage and various materials and are always interpreted with a strong sense of irony and amusement, with grotesque effects

In 1957, he signed the manifesto Contro lo stile [Against Style] and held his first solo exhibition abroad, at Gallery One in London; in 1959, he endorsed the Manifeste de Naples [Manifesto of Naples] In 1962, he took part in The Art of Assemblage exhibition in New York, where he met Duchamp



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