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Bernard Aubertin was born in Fontenay-aux-Roses in 1934 He studied at the State School of Decorating, a self-taught approaches to Cubism and Futurism until 1957, when he meets Yves Klein in Montparnasse Following this knowledge, especially important for him, Aubertin is tending towards the red monochrome painting His research is characterized by this moment with the red which becomes a main element of his artistic career as a color able to reflect the idea of blood, of fire, that can also allows, at the same time, something of a depersonalization of the art and a technique of anonymity The lack of satisfaction found in the context of Paris, pushes Bernard Aubertin towards the German environment where he contributes to the adventure of the Dusseldorf Zero Group founded by Mack, Piene and Uecker and where he finds his artistic achievement In the decades after the artist experiments and its artistic evolves conception through the Tableaux-clous throughout the years 1960s, to leave more space subsequently to the Tableau-feu with which marks the transition to the ephemeral; the framework, consisting of matches, lights up with live and real flame


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