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Carla Accardi was one of the first Italian women to devote herself to abstractionism, a current where usually mostly male artists moved, and to be known abroad Turcato, the art critic who presented Accardi’s first solo exhibition in those years, described her work as being able to eradicate the idea that a female painter must always be delicate, but rather “may well express a thought with force and a judgment on form more than any other painter” For this reason, Accardi’s name is often linked to activism in favor of feminist ideas, not least as a result of her adherence to the manifesto “Rivolta Femminile” drafted together with Elvira Banotti and Carla Lonzi
Color, always applied to the canvas through casein, clearly returns to prominence in Accardi’s production of the 1960s, probably influenced by the spread of Andy Warhol’s colorful Pop Art Between the 1960s and 1970s, the artist tends to “go outside” the canvas by bringing his research into installations of various kinds, using plastic materials such as sheets of “sicofoil” This is a type of transparent cellulose acetate, painted with paints and enamels



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