Schifano – Inventario cm 115×160

Enamel on emulsified canvas
inch 45.28×62.99 / cm 115×160

Signed on the back;
Certificate of authenticity by Archivio Generale dell’Opera di Mario Schifano n° O1053080705 dated 15/07/2008

1975, Florence, Inventario, Galleria Sangallo, Viale Don Minzoni;
2010, Firenze, Mario Schifano. In diretta, Sangallo ART Station, ill. in cat. pp. 24-25
2019-2020, Milan, Mario Schifano. In Onda TV, Studio Guastalla Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, ill. in cat. p. 23 and on the cover


Galleria Sangallo di M. Secci, Firenze



Through the screen

At the beginning of the 1970s, Schifano became aware of the enormous potential of television, envisaging a future enveloped in a flow of images issuing from a screen and not reality.
In the emulsified canvas we are exhibiting, the unnaturally-coloured trees emerge from the space of the cathode ray tube. Schifano continues his exploration of the theme of landscape via a visual naturalism that is not an imitation of nature, but rather a powerful reconstruction and redefinition of reality by means of random images extrapolated and renamed, hence re-created.
At this time of cloistered living within our homes, everyone is compelled to undergo the same pictorial revolution as he did.
The windows are “closed” and our images of the outside world are no longer those experienced in first person, but provided by way of news broadcasts and TV programmes.
As a result, we feel the need to redefine the world around us, through images to be decoded and renamed in a sort of personal diary that becomes the frame of a collective jigsaw puzzle.


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