LORENZO PUGLISI. In a silent way



05/17/2018 – 07/28/2018
Studio Guastalla Arte Moderna e Contemporanea
Via Senato 24, 20121 Milan
Opening times: 10am-1pm 3pm-7pm
closed Monday and holidays

Thursday 17 May:
5.30pm, presentation of the volume
curated by Valerio Dehò, edited by Giampaolo Prearo

6.30 opening of exhibition

Studio Guastalla Arte Moderna e Contemporanea presents In a Silent Way, a solo show featuring Lorenzo Puglisi’s most recent works. Around fifteen canvases, tactile, with dark backgrounds, in which the jet black seems to absorb the light and create a silence from which primordial shapes take their being. From this absolute darkness there emerge faces and hands with vague outlines and features, consisting of vigorous brushstrokes sketching out the lineaments, which appear to materialize through the painting. As yet indistinct, enigmatic elements filter through from nothingness and immediately bring to mind the great tradition of light and shadows as expounded by Leonardo, Caravaggio, Rembrandt, Goya and Bacon: deconstructed details of their pictures emerge, concentrated, in a dazzling white light that pierces the black background, as if they were relics, traces, memories or remains. Image that seem to capture particles of life that would otherwise be sucked back into an all-consuming black hole.
The faces of Leonardo’s Last Supper, that of Caravaggio’s Narcissus, with his hands planted on the ground (both doubled by the effect of the reflection of the water), as well as other details from famous paintings, reworked and reduced to their quintessence, crop up in Puglisi’s paintings and are indeed only recognizable (apart from the titles of the works referring to the original models) by their identical positions on the canvas. The whole context is absent, however, the details of the bodies, clothes and surrounds being completely obscured by the profound blackness. Faces and hands, looks and gestures, are totally transfigured, like when we try to recall someone’s appearance and all we conjure up is the feature that immediately distinguishes that person – a way of closing the eyes, of laughing, a grimace, filtered through our minds. The details are irrelevant: that person, for us, is that gaze, that movement of the mouth, that voice. It is through these dazzling, incandescent details that Puglisi enters the living flesh of painting, in order to seize the very magma of life, the mysterious vortex of being.


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