Vedova Emilio





VENICE 1919 – VENICE 2006
Emilio Vedova was born in 1919 to a working-class family in Venice, where he learned to paint as a self-taught artist
In 1942 he joined the antinovecentist movement “Corrente” In 1944-45 he participated in the Resistance and the following year signed the Manifesto of Realism (Beyond Guernica) in Milan and was in Venice among the founders of the “New Italian Secession,” later the “New Front of the Arts”
In the 1950s he began participating in a series of international group exhibitions; for a very short time he joined Lionello Venturi’s Group of Eight He creates textural collages and assemblages and works in the informal sphere with intense gestures on the chromatic scale of whites and blacks, with the inclusion of reds He creates the Cycle of Protest and the Cycle of Nature



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