Sanfilippo Antonio





PARTANNA 1923 – ROMA 1980

Antonio Sanfilippo was born in Partanna, in the Province of Trapani, on 8 December 1923 From 1938, he attended the Liceo Artistico in Palermo, where Guido Ballo was one of his teachers, and Pietro Consagra one of his closest friends; he shared with Consagra an early vocation for sculpture, in which he also made his debut in a group exhibition in Florence In December 1942, however, he enrolled in the painting course at the Fine Arts Academy of Florence, where he was a student of Felice Carena, who guided his first steps in painting He often painted outdoors, as attested to by a permit he requested for this purpose from the military authorities On his return to Partanna, he taught drawing at the Istituto Magistrale

In 1944, at the Academy of Fine Arts in Palermo, he made the acquaintance of Carla Accardi; the following year he exhibited at the Teatro Massimo with Guttuso and other young artists, then – still in 1945 – he held his first solo exhibition in the Sicilian capital (with a “limited number of paintings of modest dimensions”, recalled Ugo Attardi)



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