Capogrossi Giuseppe





He was born in Rome on March 7, 1900
After completing classical studies and graduated in law
In 1923-24 he studied painting with Felice Carena, and in 1927 he went to Paris with Fausto Pirandello This was his first trip to what was then the cultural center of Europe, which was followed by several others in the following years
In 1930 he participated in the XXVII Venice Biennale and, starting with the III Sindacale Romana (1932), took part regularly in the Sindacali, the Venice Biennale and the Milan Triennale, sometimes presenting several works
Together with Corrado Cagli, Emanuele Cavalli, and Eloisa Michelucci, he exhibited some of his works in 1932 at the Galleria Roma and the following year at the Galleria il Milione in Milan and at the Galleria Jacques Bojean in Paris (with Cagli, Cavalli, and Sclavi)



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