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Giuseppe Franco Angeli was born in Via dei Piceni in the San Lorenzo district of Rome on 14 May 1935 He was the third and last-born son of Erminia Angeli and Gennaro Gennarini, an anti-Fascist; like his brothers Omero and Othello, he took his moth- er’s surname After his father’s death, to provide for his ailing mother, Angeli began working at only nine years old: rst as a storeroom boy, then in a car body repair shop, and, lastly in an upholsters, where he handled fabrics, templates and scraps of cloth that he was later to use in his paintings In addition to these jobs, he also worked for a radio station, where he sang for the Allied troops in Italy Having never attended regular art classes, Angeli began painting in 1957 when stationed in Orvieto on military service, because as he explained later: “when you feel a deep malaise, you must look for a way not to be lonely In short, you need to nd an interest that will accompany you in life



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