Pistoletto – Scimmia in gabbia

silkscreen on polished stainless steel mirror
inch 39.37 x 27.56

Signed and numbered on the back    

200 copies signed and numbered 1/200 to 200/200

2013, Milan, Riflettiamoci. Opere di Michelangelo Pistoletto, Studio Guastalla Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, ill. in cat. n°3 pag. 20;

2013, Lugano, Switzerland, Pistoletto. Lo specchio degli enigmi, De Primi Fine Art, ill. in cat. pag. 43.

Monkey in a cage

but the rational act of someone who recognises the image of himself as being distinct from himself, like a “representative sign of oneself”. In this way, man becomes autonomous, able to make use of that image, which enters into a rapport with the depicted one.Never as today have Pistoletto’s mirror paintings invited us into their stainless steel surface, to meet the static fixed gaze of the image with our living, moving presence. In front of one of Pistoletto’s paintings, flight becomes impossible; as we look at it we cannot but go inside. We have no other choice but to interact with the image, and we are forced to look, first and foremost, at (into) ourselves. For Pistoletto, the gesture of recognising oneself in the mirror is not the instinctive, passionate act of Narcissus,
How can one fail to experience a profound sense of communion with this caged monkey, clinging to the bars? Resigned? Awaiting something? In search of comprehension, perhaps.

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