Dadamiano – Volume a moduli sfasati

die-cut plastic laid on two frames
inch 19.69 x 15.75 / cm 50×40

Certificate of authenticity n.234/091signed by Flaminio Gualdoni, dated 09/09/2009
A letter by Pierluigi Cajelli confirms the provenance


Pierluigi Cajelli, Milano


Beyond the surface of things

Without paint or colour, Dadamaino resets to zero the creative gesture of the artist, that sort of dance of the hand brandishing the paintbrush, to indicate a one-off direction, a new azimuth.
The aura of the canvas dissolves into the degree zero of mystery: a sheet of translucent plastic, like those that began to be used as shower curtains in bathrooms at the end of the 1950s. She takes two of these sheets and perforates them regularly, repetitively, mechanically, with a hole puncher. She then places one on top of the other, but slightly askew, so that the superimposition is not perfect. Out of phase. On a humble, prosaic material, with a gesture that evokes not freedom of style, but precision and meticulous method, Dadamaino succeeds in giving a glimpse of the depth beyond the surface of things, in this work presented by Studio Guastalla. Letting light and movement pass through these tiny holes.

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