Chin – Yuen

Acrylic on canvas
inch 31.50 x 39.37 / cm 80×100


Signed, dated and titled by the artist

The dot and the energy it releases

The dot is for Hsiao Chin the pictorial image of transcendence. Of the link between earthly life and spiritual life. It is also the name of the art movement (Movimento Internazionale Punto) [punto is dot, circle in Italian] that the artist, of Chinese origin, launched in Milan with Antonio Calderara in 1961, one year before the creation of this painting presented by Studio Guastalla. The title, Yuen, means “round” (and, by extension, alludes to a coin, which is of course circular). The circle is also the shape of the sun, which houses the maximum level of energy contained in the universe and in nature. That energy which is released from Creation and which the artist can and must convey, by means of shapes and colours, to connect humanity with the infinite.

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