Ballocco – Meccanica agricola

Tempera on cardboard
inch 9.84 x 13.78 / cm 25×35


Certificate of authenticity by Associazione Archivio Mario Ballocco number 1.SD.1  20/01/2016.


The power of synthesis

Geometry, repetition, the play of intersecting curved and straight lines, of symmetry and asymmetry, and finally colour. Bright, warm colours, contrasting with black and white. When mechanics becomes art, reducing complexity to a basic structure.
Mario Ballocco, a pioneer in the study of the function of colour and its capacity for communication, set himself the lifelong objective of overcoming the monotony “that has us born with white, live with grey and die with black”, seeking, through colour and shapes, to make the messages of symbols and images clear and intelligible. The colour of ambulances, of notebooks, the images of a machine instruction manual: everything is bound by a strict visual logic.
Yet in this picture presented by Studio Guastalla, the “agricultural mechanics of the title remains in the background, leaving space for an image that possesses, in its abstraction, the evocative power of the synthesis of colour and shape.

We invite you to watch this interesting video on Mario Ballocco (and François Morellet) curated by Fondazione Ragghianti, Lucca


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