Alessandro Mendini - UN VASO - 1999

Alessandro Mendini


  • Acrylic on canvas
    inch 75.59 x 63.78


    The vase shown is an evident reference to the 100% Make Up event,
    during which Mendini drew an archetypal vase and asked 100 authors from
    all over the world (Africa, America, Asia and Europe), architects, designers,
    musicians and famous (and less famous) artists, to decorate the white
    surface of the vases. 100 examples of each vase was produced: 100 vases
    by different artists make up one collection; thus 100 collections give a total
    of 10,000 vases produced by Alessi in 1992.
    The one exhibited here is no. 52, by Esther Mahlangu, an important South
    African artist, now internationally acclaimed.

    2002, Fondation Cartier pour l’Art Contemporain, Paris, France, Fragilisme
    2016, Design Exhibition Hall Dongdaemun, Seoul, South Korea,
    Mendini, The Poetry of Design